We build our memories in our homes, from the pictures on the walls to the centre piece on a coffee table, there is generally some memory or emotion attached to it. 

Recently, I was going through a few of the neighbourhoods of Downtown Toronto and ended here in Yorkville. This is supposed to be a very high end neighbourhood with the classiest setting. But as you walk  through you will stumble on this scenario, where a fire happened. 

I distinctively remember the day that it happened and I was beyond confused. Yet, I never had really gone to see the scene until Friday. Strangely, to me I saw some beauty in this disaster. Yes it was a fire and luckily no one died...but when I looked at it, it really made me think how precious everything is.

In an instant your house could be on fire and all this material stuff that you worked hard for is lost. But you still have those memories, your life and the people around you. So for me this scene right here will always have a memory associated with it because it was a good day and ended with the reminder of how beautiful and wonderful life actually is. This strange beauty in something so destructive like fire really leaves you thinking or at least left me thinking. Is there anything that is considered strange that you find beauty in? 

-Dominique xx 



I have the strangest obsession with men's cologne. I'm not entirely sure what it is but that masculine smell leaves me content. One time while I was working, there was this woman that kept asking "is this supposed to be a men's cologne?" for almost every woodsy scent we carried. A good sales person always tells half the truth and would reply "well that's up to your own personal preference." However, I was so curious as to why she was so into these "men" scents...and then I found out she was like me, she was more inclined to choose men's cologne over women's perfume.


killin' it.

I'm sure as you continue to visit my page you will see that I greatly enjoy wearing black. Occasionally I will wear something really bright and different just to mix it up...but at the end of the day black is where all my comfort lies. And if it is not black then it is something very very simple and neutral. I strongly disagree when people say basic colours are boring, it all comes down to how you wear these items. Are you layering? Are you wearing different textures? These are only some of the questions that I consider when picking an outfit. Boring is never my intention, neutral has endless possibilities it's just simply up to you. 


Inspirations...and welcome.

Our minds work in such unique ways allowing everyone to have their own distinct personality. For me, the littlest of things create inspiration...by  this I mean I could look at a lamp and already my mind is working in ways to figure out how this lamp could work in a certain space. Maybe I was meant to be an interior designer or maybe I'm just simply a visual learner. Questions I have always wondered...but at the end of the day it is my personality and I enjoy it. The picture above is my "office space"...I was blessed with having two closets, a walk-in and this one here. I think having two closets a tad bit greedy, no? Especially if you're not overflowing in clothes. So I created a space that expresses who I am and what inspires me. Each picture posted onto that wall was carefully thought out to make sure that whoever entered into my room would have a sense of who I am and what inspires me. To the right I have selected specific clothing items that not only are my favourite pieces but greatly contribute to the overall interior design of the space...not just any shirt could be placed there. Maybe I'm also a bit OCD. I love being filled with my inspirations because it helps remind me of my aspirations and why I must continue to stay focused and try hard. So welcome to my blog ...what inspires you? 

-Dominique xx