This post is actually beyond delayed...I often wear A LOT of black..so I decided to switch it up and experiment with white being the focal. Even though summer is basically over ...all white was a huge trend this summer and I'm glad I got to wear it. 


the girl with no face prt two.

A lot of things inspire me so when I wrote that story immediately an entire outfit came together. 

the girl with no face prt one.

So I wrote this story...I guess it has lessons in it, but it definitely inspired the fashion post that will be posted later. For now here is the story. *Disclaimer* this isn't exactly about me.



So I started summer school...and neglected my blog which is frustrating me because I really want this to be a big part of my life. Definitely updating very soon...like this Friday soon :)

-Dominique xx



Originally I had wanted to title this lace because it was going to be a post about my obsession with lace bras...but the more I looked through the photos I realized these pictures go much deeper than this. I was actually finally accepting my skin



So recently, I've been really troubled by people in general...especially those who think they are at the top and pull others down. But then I realized these "victors" who see themselves as royalty putting others down end up becoming losers. This song expresses exactly how I've felt it's crazy! I also included a poem about the the people who have really brought me down but somehow the voice inside of me told me I can do it and achieve my dreams. Hope you enjoy :)



We build our memories in our homes, from the pictures on the walls to the centre piece on a coffee table, there is generally some memory or emotion attached to it. 

Recently, I was going through a few of the neighbourhoods of Downtown Toronto and ended here in Yorkville. This is supposed to be a very high end neighbourhood with the classiest setting. But as you walk  through you will stumble on this scenario, where a fire happened. 

I distinctively remember the day that it happened and I was beyond confused. Yet, I never had really gone to see the scene until Friday. Strangely, to me I saw some beauty in this disaster. Yes it was a fire and luckily no one died...but when I looked at it, it really made me think how precious everything is.

In an instant your house could be on fire and all this material stuff that you worked hard for is lost. But you still have those memories, your life and the people around you. So for me this scene right here will always have a memory associated with it because it was a good day and ended with the reminder of how beautiful and wonderful life actually is. This strange beauty in something so destructive like fire really leaves you thinking or at least left me thinking. Is there anything that is considered strange that you find beauty in? 

-Dominique xx