So recently, I've been really troubled by people in general...especially those who think they are at the top and pull others down. But then I realized these "victors" who see themselves as royalty putting others down end up becoming losers. This song expresses exactly how I've felt it's crazy! I also included a poem about the the people who have really brought me down but somehow the voice inside of me told me I can do it and achieve my dreams. Hope you enjoy :)

The Social Hierarchy

Once upon a time I was at the bottom of the food chain
I had wanted to be Queen
But you see this could not be
Since this was where I was placed
And could not be set free

But there once was a girl of the highest hierarchy
And said she knew who I could be
She felt she should give me a chance
As she danced, and danced and danced

She threw her hands out for me to grab a hold
But I certainly was not that bold!

Do not fear, we all definitely want you here

So I grabbed her hand
Quite scared was I
Because I knew I did not know
How I would survive

She pulled me in and said welcome,
For this soon will be your kingdom
Then suddenly as if
We had all always been friends
Everyone seemed to have accepted me
In the end

Of course there were those that snickered and snared
Because they did not see me fit to be here

The girl smiled and laughed at me once more
But not of mockery but rather reassurance
To let me know that this was also my home
If I opened the door

So I stayed with them and often dined
Eating with laughter
As if these had always been friends of mine

Soon after all of this fun
I was crowned Queen above everyone

But something felt wrong
Because this could not be

So I opened my eyes and saw
This was nothing more than just a dream
How foolish could I
Be to think that I
Had climbed to the top?

Though it made me wonder and wonder and wonder
Was I supposed to drop?

So I closed my eyes once more,
Ready to open the door
I was going to be Queen
So that everyone could see
Never give up on your dreams

-          Dominique Wisdom

      Apr. 22nd / 14 

Honestly, keep striving towards your dream, don't let people put you down. Even when you achieve your goal there will be people who mock you and you may have doubts but just hold on to it cuz you can do it. 

-Dominique xx

PS as soon as I finish my exam some fashion posts will be up!!